John relaxing in Paris

John trained as a Systems Analyst/Programmer, and has also worked as a Systems Administrator on Windows Servers and Workstations. John also had his own business building and installing computer systems, servers and networks.

Along the way John has learnt and used COBOL, C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, PHP (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.), SQL, various Scripting languages and some proprietary database languages. John wrote his first website in early 1996 using Windows Notepad (no IDEs were available then) and, later, started using HotDog before moving to Dreamweaver then to NetBeans and Atom. He has been dabbling with Linux since the mid 1990s.

John, now, is freelance and develops software solely for the Internet. John uses both Windows and Linux daily and develops web software in both environments using PHP, HTML, CSS (Sass & Less), SQL, JavaScript and various frameworks as the project dictates.