Design & Development

The Design & Development Process

We always remember it's your image we're creating

When you first contact us you’ll be assigned an account manager who will be your one point of contact. Your account manager will take your brief and help you decide on the right website to achieve your desired aims. Your account manager will work with you and our team throughout the design and build process to ensure your project stays on budget and schedule, and is exactly what you need.

Filling in a form
First Steps - information

Before we can start we need to know your goals, your "brief". To that end we ask that you complete a Requirements Form. This form gives details of your requirements, goals, key messages, required functionality, target audience, inspiration and competition.

This information, by it's very nature, is not "set in stone" but creates a base from which we can work. Once we have your requirements your account manager will schedule a video conference call with you to discuss your requirements and clarify any points.

design process
Initial Design - wireframe

We will present a structure and design for your website, and, once you’re happy, our digital design team fleshes it out. We develop a prototype of your site with wire-frames for three main pages, and show you how it looks on different types of screens.

Once you've approved the design layout you will need to supply us with any text and images you want incorporating into the website.

Development - programming

Our developers then take the designs and wireframes you've approved, and use them to build the front and, if required, back end of your website ensuring all your requirements and functionality are met, and populate it with images and text.

Your site will also be optimised for search engines. We will also advise on wording, where necessary, for better search engine placement.


Once you've approved and paid for your site, we will upload it to your Internet Hosting Server. Configure the server, email system as required and set up any databases.

We will also offer you various levels of service contract in order to maintain your site.

Requirements Form
Requirements Form

Your next step is to complete the Requirements Form. Please use the "Contact Us" button below and request a Requirements Form.

In order to complete the form, you will need to have as much of the following information as possible: type of site (e.g. one page site, multi-page site, blog, WordPress site, Intranet site, CMS site, e-commerce site etc.), goals, key messages, required functionality, target audience, inspiration and competition.

The Requirements Form uses options and choices, where possible, to guide you through the process. If you need more information or guidance before completing the Requirements Form, please see our FAQs page.